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All About Kids Therapy Services LLC provides speech therapy services to children, from infancy and up to 18-years-old in these Florida areas: Pasco County, Northern Hillsborough County, Trinity, New Port Richey, and Northern Pinnellas.

It is our belief that all children should be given the opportunity to meet their full potential, regardless of their diagnosis. In order to achieve maximal carry-over, our trained therapists work closely with your family to provide a positive environment and fun learning experience for your child. What’s more, personalized sessions are conducted right in the comfort of your home! Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your child’s developmental therapy with their family lifestyle and daily routine. 

Our trained therapists will carefully evaluate your child’s development and communication skills and implement individualized evidence-based Interventions tailored to their specific needs. We are always attending new and innovative courses and training programs to diversify our techniques and expand our professional expertise!

Signs That Your Child May Need Speech Therapy:

  • Difficulty with functional play
  • Difficulty with verbal and/or non-verbal communication
  • Difficulty reading and/or writing
  • Difficulty speaking clearly
  • Difficulty with peer interaction
  • Not meeting developmental milestones
  • Not babbling
  • Not playing functionally (independently or with peers)
  • Screaming and pointing in order to have needs met
  • Not following directions
  • Not pronouncing words correctly
  • Not saying ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ meaningfully

How Speech Therapy Can Help Your Child

Teaches children to speak more clearly, allowing them to be understood. 

Improves communication skills by nurturing an understanding of vocabulary & concepts.

Improves understanding direction.

Improves pre-literacy skills.

Encourages the practice of meaningful sentence structure.

Assists with emotional expression & helps children communicate their needs.

Decreases frustration & negative behavior associated with poor communication.

Teaches correct pronunciation of sounds & words.

Improves self-esteem, confidence quality of life.

Improves executive functioning skills, such as problem-solving.

Improves abilities on an academic level.

Teaches strategies to decrease stuttering and/or dysfluencies. 

Increases oral motor capabilities. 

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Now Servicing:

Pasco County, FL
Northern Hillsborough County, FL
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(813) 461-7432

Now Servicing:

Pasco County, FL
Northern Hillsborough County, FL
Trinity, FL
New Port Richey, FL
Northern Pinellas, FL

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